Integrated Aircraft Services for Government Flight Operations

Comtran understands that every government flight operation is unique, and therefore guarantees the capability to provide any aircraft at any configuration, maximizing efficiency and savings for the client.

Government flight departments are implemented out of the necessity to provide authorized personnel with a reliable and efficient means of transportation, without compromising the safety and security of their mission. Unfortunately, such government flight operations are often encumbered with the tasks of managing the acquisition, continued maintenance, and daily operation of the aircraft. Managing such burdensome tasks diminish the operation’s efficiency by redirecting focus to duties that could easily be outsourced.

Comtran aims to alleviate this burden by working closely with government operators to develop customized, turnkey solutions for transportation needs and requirements. This efficient reallocation of management and maintenance responsibilities enables the client to redirect and maintain focus on the mission at hand rather than managing the many responsibilities involved in the day-to-day operations of a multiple aircraft flight department.

Comtran Government Aircraft Services include: