Enter the Revolution

The Revolution Series is the latest product offered by Comtran International, and we are proud to say it offers our clients the most unique value proposition available in the aircraft industry. We start with selecting a high-performance airframe with a proven track record of low-effort, low-cost maintenance and proven reliability, and then combine it with the industry's most stylized, high grade interior. The result is an airplane that's light years ahead of even the most current private aircraft, but offered at literally a fraction of the cost. This is the Revolution.

Once we select a viable airframe model, Comtran then acquires a small fleet of these particular aircraft and inducts them into the Revolution Series program. After a series of intense maintenance checks, avionics upgrades, and full-blown exterior refurbishments including the highest grade executive paint job, the aircraft moves into the Comtran facility for installation of the custom-tailored Revolution interior. The new Revolution aircraft is then rigorously test flown to ensure each client receives a product that will be absolutely perfect in every sense of the word. This is the beginning of the Revolution experience.

After you take delivery of your Revolution, your relationship with Comtran continues. We understand that special aircraft require special attention, so we sell every Revolution with a warranty unmatched in the industry - ensuring you'll always fly worry-free. This is Revolution Support.

This is your invitation to experience the Revolution, and we hope you enjoy your ownership as much as we've enjoyed its creation.


The Dornier 328 Jet is a landmark aircraft created under the direction of Daimler Benz in the early 1990s. Shaped by such renowned German engineering, the 328's airframe combines immense technology with astounding reliability. The more than 200 Dornier 328 Jets flying around the globe have proven to be amont the world's most efficient, economic and dependable aircraft. Originally built as a 32-passenger shuttle aircraft, the 328's operating economics per seat were unrivaled in the industy. Comtran International thoroughly studied these characteristics and knew this was an aircraft worthy of the Reovlution. When you combine the efficiencies of such a high technology airframe with an interior that's light years ahead of the competition, the result is a private aircraft that will outperform and outlast any other business jet offered today for a fraction of the cost. This is the Revolution Dornier 328.



Crew & Passenger Capacity: 4 + 12
Cabin Height: 6 FT (1.8 m)
Cabin Width: 7.2 FT (2.2 m)
Cabin Length: 34 FT (10.4 m)
Internal Baggage Volume: 277 CU FT (7.8 cu m)
Internal Baggage Capacity: 1650 LBS (748 kg)


Takeoff Field Length: 4,485 FT (1,367 m)
(isa, sl, mtow)

Landing Field Length: 4,285 FT (1,306 m)
(sl, mlw)

Max Cruise Altitude: 35,000 FT

Single Engine Service Ceiling: 24,000 FT
(95% mtow)

Max Cruise Speed: 408 ktas
(95% mtow)

Range IFR: 1,400 nm


Max Ramp: 34,789 lb (15,780 kg)
Max Takeoff: 34,524 lb (16,660 kg)
Max Zero Fuel: 28,814 lb (13,070 kg)
Max Fuel Capacity: 8,038 lb (3,646 kg)
Max Fuel Capacity (optional): 11,063 lb (5,018 kg)
Operating Empty Weight: 20,834 lb (9,450 kg)


Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Canada
Model: PW306B Turbofan with FADEC
Takeoff Thrust: 2 x 6,050 lbs


5 Tube all-glass Honeywell Primus 2000
Integrated Avionics System

Aviation Unbound

For more than 20 years, Comtran International has been a worldwide leader in aviation solutions, from aircraft development to airline operations. Our meticulous attention to detail and passion for excellence push the continuous advancement of aviation design and engineering, setting new industry standards, one aircraft at a time.

Comtran was established in 1985 to develop and market noise solutions for aging aircraft operating in an increasingly regulatory environment, which would have otherwise grounded these pioners of the Jet Age. This relentless pursuit of problem solving - manifested in laser focus on small details to achieve powerful results - has been the hallmark of our family business as we've evolved from perfecting parts to building entire aircraft. We value long-term relationships with expert craftsment and are passionately involved in every step of the process, down to testing each aircraft seat as our own office chair.

Comtran now deals with a different type of aircraft nosie: the chorus of oohs, aahs and long, slow whistles that surround its latest product, the Revolution Series.

To learn more about Comtran and its products, please feel free to send us a message via email or contact us by telephone.

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